Wengdy by Blosom (deeper concave mold)

Wengdy by Blosom (deeper concave mold)

Old school shape, doctored into an easily rideable version that’s simple to pull all your tricks on.

34.5mm wide (at its widest point).
28mm (at its thinnest point).
97mm long.
Deeper concave mold. (This is NOT the Blosom mold). Very similar to the Blosom shaped mold, just sporting a much deeper concave and more rounded flowing shape throughout.

Made from the really difficult (but also hugely sexy) wenge wood. Trust me when I say this wood is a total pita to work with. (Hence why you see no deck makers use it).

Really strong wood that just eats lacquer. As of now these have had 5+ coats. They are going to be some seriously strong boards.

On top of the wedge they have a grey prime coat, then gloss neon 80s colours splattered for effect.

there is red, green, blue, orange (as in pics). they also come with custom handmade stickers which are also in the pics.

limited to 20 pieces (5 of each). when they are gone they are gone.