Blosom 34mm blank

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Blosom 34mm blank

Blosom fingerboard deck.

34mm width.
97mm long.

Decks lined up left to right, 1,2,3 etc.

The new Blosom decks for 2020. Featuring the original Blosom mold. Low defined concave, and medium kicks. Nose slightly higher and longer.

The shaping template used for all decks is a custom made version by myself. This way I get to make the exact shape to my preference.

Blosoms go through a large number of quality control stages. These decks really do take a long while to make. I believe all the extra stages in production really shine through in the end product and I hope people agree.

Blosoms are quality British made fingerboards by one of the first serious fingerboard deck makers in the UK. With over 30 years. (Yes 30 years believe it or not) of deck making experience, you can rest asured knowing you are getting a deck made by someone who not only has the experience, but who has also experimented with all manner of materials and techniques to bring you, what I believe, are one of the better decks on the market.

They don't just look pretty...